#nftartist Cyber Surrealist + disaster aficianado

I'm Penelope Minot, Multimedia Artist.

As a transcendental abstractionist, my work is an exploration in alternate perceptions and the expression of identity through a New World narrative. The fall that happens with the rise.

Together, We Can Destory Everything

It only takes an efficient hive to usurp the throne of natural order, and I think we’re almost there. 

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Artwork is available for purchase as NFTs. Your fav not listed? Let me know.


Daily grind

Get your cyber surrealist digital apocalypse fix on the daily. New pieces posted across platforms.


Look Away and Say Hi

This is where I pretend not to be a social-averse  introvert. Really though, I chat sometimes.

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There is stuff up there but, like everything else in this Universe, much more can be found behind the curtain.